Not Spoken of Me What is Trustworthy

As Christians, we should be the voice of Truth. We are the ambassadors of Christ and are empowered of sharing the Truth of the Way to Salvation. People may not always want to hear the truth, but it should still be spoken. The Bible tells us that people would rather hear lies that give them false hope, but we are required to speak God’s Word in truth. People can depend on God’s Word as Truth and they should be able to depend on our delivery of God’s Word is also truth.

2 Chronicles 18:1-8
Now Jehoshaphat had great riches and honor; and he allied himself by marriage to Ahab. 2Some years later he went down to visit Ahab at Samaria, and Ahab slaughtered many sheep and oxen for him and the people who were with him. And he incited him to go up against Ramoth-gilead. 3Ahab king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat king of Judah, “Will you go with me against Ramoth-gilead?” And he said to him, “I am as you are, and my people as your people, and we will be with you in the battle.”
4However, Jehoshaphat said to the king of Israel, “Please request the word of the Lord first.” 5 So the king of Israel assembled the prophets, four hundred men, and said to them, “Should we go to battle against Ramoth-gilead, or should I refrain?” And they said, “Go up, for God will hand it over to the king.” 6But Jehoshaphat said, “Is there no longer a prophet of the Lord here, that we may inquire of him?” 7And the king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat, “There is still one man by whom we may inquire of the Lord, but I hate him, for he never prophesies anything good regarding me, but always bad. He is Micaiah the son of Imlah.” But Jehoshaphat said, “May the king not say so.”

“Who is this who darkens the divine plan By words without knowledge? Now tighten the belt on your waist like a man, And I shall ask you, and you inform Me!
Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?
Tell Me, if you have understanding, Who set its measurements?
Since you know.
Or who stretched the measuring line over it?
On what were its bases sunk?
Or who laid its cornerstone, When the morning stars sang together And all the sons of God shouted for joy?
Or who enclosed the sea with doors When it went out from the womb, bursting forth; When I made a cloud its garment, And thick darkness its swaddling bands, And I placed boundaries on it And set a bolt and doors, And I said, ‘As far as this point you shall come, but no farther; And here your proud waves shall stop’?
Have you ever in your life commanded the morning, And made the dawn know its place, So that it would take hold of the ends of the earth, And the wicked would be shaken off from it?”
Job 38:2-17

God Speaks to Job’s Friend
‘It came about after the Lord had spoken these words to Job, that the Lord said to Eliphaz the Temanite,
“My wrath is kindled against you and against your two friends, because you have not spoken of Me what is trustworthy, as My servant Job has. Now therefore, take for yourselves seven bulls and seven rams, and go to My servant Job, and offer up a burnt offering for yourselves, and My servant Job will pray for you. For I will accept him so as not to do with you as your foolishness deserves, because you have not spoken of Me what is trustworthy, as My servant Job has. ” So Eliphaz the Temanite, Bildad the Shuhite, and Zophar the Naamathite went and did as the Lord told them; and the L ord accepted Job. ‘

Job 42:7-9

False Prophets in Ezekiel
They see deceit and lying divination, those who are saying, ‘The Lord declares,’ when the Lord has not sent them; yet they wait for the fulfillment of their word! Did you not see a false vision and tell a lying divination when you said, ‘The Lord declares,’ but it is not I who have spoken?” ’ ” Therefore, this is what the Lord God says: “Because you have spoken deceit and have seen a lie, therefore behold, I am against you,” declares the Lord G od . “So My hand will be against the prophets who see false visions and utter lying divinations. They will have no place in the council of My people, nor will they be written down in the register of the house of Israel, nor will they enter the land of Israel, so that you may know that I am the Lord God . It is definitely because they have misled My people by saying, ‘Peace!’ when there is no peace. And when anyone builds a wall, behold, they plaster it over with whitewash; ‘

Ezekiel 13:6-10

Micah 2

‘Arise and go, For this is no place of rest Because of the uncleanness that brings on destruction, A painful destruction. “If someone walking after wind and falsehood Had lied and said, ‘I will prophesy to you about wine and liquor,’ He would become a prophet to this people. ‘

Micah 2:10-11

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